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Atlanta gaudichaudi Gray, 1850

This species is very similar in size and shape to Atlanta plana, but does not have the numerous spiral ridges on the spire.



Atlanta gaudichaudii Souleyet, 1852

  • There is no obvious shell ornamentation, although a single line can sometimes be seen running around the second and third whorls of the spire using SEM.

  • The spire has 3¼ to 3½ whorls.

  • The spire and adult shell is much smaller than that of A. peronii (adult is 3 mm compared to 10 mm for A. peronii).

  • The keel base is often a yellow or red-brown colour.

  • Shell shape, size and keel colouration are very similar to Atlanta plana, however, A. plana has much clearer ornamentation consisting of multiple spiral lines.

  • Eyes type b, operculum type b, radula type I.


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Further Reading:


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