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Protatlanta sculpta Issell, 1911

This species was long thought to be synonymous of Protatlanta souleyeti. It has only been found in the Atlantic Ocean.



Atlanta sculpta (Issel, 1911)

Protatlanta souleyeti

  • Spire consists of 3 to 3¼ whorls and is ornamented with two spiral lines. A third line is present n the side of the shell.

  • Shell spire and sutures are brown in colour.

  • There is a single, rapidly inflating adult whorl.

  • The keel is not calcareous, but composed of conchiolin. It is tall, extremely transparent and often assumed to be missing. In fossil specimens, the keel is always missing.

  • This species has only been found in the Atlantic Ocean, outside of the oligotrophic gyres.


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