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Atlanta californiensis Seapy & Richter, 1993

Atlanta californiensis is one of only two atlantid species that have a temperate water distribution. This species is known from the Eastern North Pacific Ocean (Seapy and Richter, 1993) and Southern Mexican Pacific Ocean (Moreno-Alcantara et al. 2014) and is the most abundant atlantid species found in the California Current system.

  • Shell is moderately small with a maximum of 4⅔ whorls and maximum a diameter of 3.5 mm.

  • The whorl sutures are shallow and the shell surface is smooth (no ornamentation). Sutures can be violet or clear.

  • The shell spire has 3–3¼ whorls and is low and globular in shape. The spire colour varies, it can be light yellow, light brown, violet, dark and mottled yellow-brown or dark brown.

  • The 4th whorl expands rapidly and the last whorl is encircled by a high keel that is truncated along the anterior margin. The keel inserts between the last and penultimate whorls in shells over ~2 mm.

  • The keel base may be red-brown or orange-brown.

  • Umbilicus is wide but narrows rapidly at the penultimate whorl.

  • Eyes type b, operculum type c, radula type I.


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