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Atlanta echinogyra Richter, 1972

This species is recognised by the moderately tall and heavily-ornamented red-brown spire. Atlanta echinogyra is not recorded from the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Spire moderately tall and conical in shape. Not as tall as A. brunnea, but taller than A. plana. The spire is slightly tilted and consists of 4 to 4¼ whorls.

  • The spire has clear ornamentation in the form of elevated spiral ridges, similar in pattern to A. brunnea.

  • The spire is often a deep red-brown colour, but the adult whorl and keel are colourless.

  • The adult shell is small, up to around 2.5 mm

  • Eyes type a, operculum type c, radula type I.

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