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Atlanta inclinata Gray, 1850

The shell morphology of this species is very similar to Atlanta tokiokai. The main identifying characteristic is differences in the subtle arrangement of tubercules on the spire surface.



Atlanta affinis Tesch, 1906

Atlanta macrocarinata Bonnevie, 1920

Atlanta megalope Richter, 1961

  • Spire large, globose cone shaped and tilted relative to the plane of coiling. The spire has 5 whorls.

  • Spire has very subtle ornamentation in the form of scattered rows of small tubercles. There is also a thin ridge that runs around the outer edge of the whorls. The sutures of the spire are shallow.

  • In fresh specimens the spire is sometimes a pink colour. The soft tissues vary from white to tan-brown.

  • The keel is tall and inserts between the final and penultimate whorls.

  • The adult shell is large, up to 7 mm.

  • In adult forms, the inner walls of the spire are decalcified and separated only by a flexible membrane.

  • Eye type b, operculum type c, radula type II.


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