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New CO1 dataset now available

With our new article ‘Global biogeography and genetic diversity of the atlantid heteropods’, currently in press in Progress in Oceanography, we can finally release our reference dataset of atlantid CO1 sequences. 439 new sequences for the family Atlantidae are now available with specimen images and collection locations from BOLDSYSTEMS. And to make these new data easier to find, we have added DNA barcode buttons to the SHIP website with links to the archived sequences.

Figure from Wall-Palmer et al. In press. 60% cut-off Maximum Likelihood best tree based on mtCO1 sequences of all atlantid morphospecies and representatives of the heteropod families Carinariidae and Pterotracheidae. Bootstrap supports (%) are shown if less than 100%. All branches with bootstrap support <60% have been collapsed. Branch lengths are proportional to the amount of inferred change, as indicated by the scale bar. Black circles at nodes represent clades supported by ABGD analysis. The number of sequences per clade is shown in brackets.

The article is open access and can be downloaded here for free:

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